Microsoft Solutions

Golok is a Microsoft Partner

We provide rapid, cost-effective application solutions using Microsoft Dynamics tools.

Our highly skilled team is competent in all aspects of Microsoft Dynamics implementation either in integration, customization, data migration, extension or custom development such as web portals or mobility solutions. Few of our services are:





Migration and Conservation

Data Migration

Integrated web portals to extend your CRM system outside your organization

Integrated web portal enable CRM interaction for everyone, inside and outside your organization. This will improve business potential, add value to your customers, reduce costs and enhance productivity by providing user-specific access to information, applications, and business processes from a single, web portal.

We have invested in the execution of best practices for web portal development using .Net platform with its ASP.NET development framework.

  • Presentation layer is designed in accordance with MVC application architecture.
  • Data layer is separated from business logic through object-relational mapping.
  • Data exchange and integration capabilities are provided through WCF, JSON or XML
  • It is complemented by expertise in JQuery, AJAX, KnockoutJS and BootMetro.
  • We follow best security practices to ensure proper security. This includes, but not limited to
    1. User authentication
    2. User authorization
    3. Strong data encryption
    4. Securing sensitive online transactions with SSL.

We develop cross-platform, cost effective mobile solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM