Bot Development

Bot Development

We got new Sales Reps On-board, The Bots (or chat bots). Our Bots can help your clients by answering questions on various topics from where to find Tickets to movies, Favorite Restaurants or Games . Using built-in Artificial Intelligence, Chat Bots can help your customers seamlessly through messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Kik, Snapchat or Slack. Golok has the skills and expertise to develop various types of Bots.

Bot Development Features

Improve Customer Engagement

Chat Bots offer customers a convenient way to get the information they need, thereby encouraging better customer engagement with brands

Ease of Access

Chat Bots make it easy for customers to reach you since you are on their chat applications. No need to download a new app.

Boost your Sales

Brands that use chat bots are able to gain new insights due to better customer engagement, resulting in better sales

Types of Bots That We Develop

Facebook Messenger Bots

With over 2 billion people on Facebook, we can help customize your Messenger Bots to serve a lot of your customers while improving the reach of your business on mobile.

Slack Bot Customization

Slack is one of the biggest communication tools amongst organizations. We can help customize your Slack Bot to serve your clients in the way you want them to be served.

Custom Bot Development

We can also develop chat bots from scratch specifically for you. You only need to tell us what you want and how you want it. We will make it happen.


  • Chat bots are very useful in e-commerce helping brands to relate more quickly and directly with their customers on numerous messaging platforms.
  • Chat bots can provide good advice and directions for customers who are buying products and services online.
  • E-commerce chat bots can also help guide a potential customer into making a purchase by making product recommendations based on their intentions.